Our methodology

There are thousands of brokers offering trading products in different niches. Comparing the best online brokers is as cumbersome as choosing the right stocks from millions of options. At Broker Finder, we thrive to simplify the choices for you.

We have a combined financial Advisory experience of 40+ years. Our mission is to provide the best available information to our followers so they can choose the best brokers. We aim to reduce the friction of comparing thousands of online brokers for you.

We evaluate brokers from across the world including the industry leaders. Our experts test run the brokers' services through hands-on experience. We have created a comprehensive list of test points.

How we compare the online brokers

We use robust comparison tools to evaluate online brokers across multi-test points. Our experts also put rigorous emphasis on analyzing top brokers’ ratings and reviews. We blend the technically evaluated points against our in-depth analyses on each broker.

From general information about a broker to the regulation and security, we cover the fundamentals for you.

Here is a snapshot of our top tested points for each broker.

  • Broker Regulation and Security
  • Broker Fees and Commission Structure
  • Markets and Products on offer
  • Education on offer from the Broker
  • Market Research tools on offer
  • Trading Platforms – Built-in and Third-party partners
  • Payment and Withdrawal options
  • Customer Services and Support

Let us explore some key test points that we evaluate for each broker we choose.

Broker regulatory information

We want to build trust with our followers. Traders look for the same trust relations with their brokers. We aim to choose the top brokers that are regulated by at least one top tier regulatory authority in their country. That’s very standard but we have all seen unregulated online brokers befooling investors and committing fraud.


The cost of trading includes broker registration fees, commission, leverage, currency conversions, and withdrawal charges. Traders carry multiple transactions in a single trading day. It is one of the key test points to compare online brokers.

Trading Platform

Online brokers can offer a built-in trading platform or a third-party trading platform like MT4. The trading platform compatibility with multiple devices also plays a key role. We aim to test each trading platform from a novice trader’s perspective. The more convenient it is for you, the higher we rank it.

Products and Markets on offer

Some online brokers offer a bulk of trading options and markets. Others focus on narrowing down the selection to their curated niche products. Each broker has a specialty in offering trading markets differently.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

What if your favorite broker operates in a foreign country? Online brokers may include heavy currency conversion charges. The payment and withdrawal options incur hefty costs for many investors from an overseas country. We’ll reveal the true costs to you.

Along with percentage costs, we analyze the number of payment options available with each broker. More options will offer greater flexibility to you.

Education and Research

That’s our prime objective, to provide you with the kind of education that enables you to make informed decisions. We would test the brokers on this point as well. The tutorials, guides, and industry news will all help you to make better trading decisions.

Even if you are a pro, you’ll need to keep up with the industry research. We aim to cover this aspect as well.

Customer Support

We don’t want you to get stuck with trading platforms, market indicators, or making a payment with your broker. But certain features will always require a little guiding hand from each broker. They consistently make changes to their trading platforms as well. Customer support plays a key role in defining the stature of an online broker.

This is not an exhaustive list of our test points. It is just a summarized overview of our strategy. We regularly update our analytical methodology. We’ll keep updating it with your valuable feedback as well.

How we rate our partners

We have set the broader rating criteria as finding the best online brokers for our followers. Once we test the brokers across multiple testing points, we rate them accordingly. We aim to fully utilize our automation marketing and comparison tools. Our purpose will be to embed our financial service industry experience to the best use.

We will continuously update our ratings. Each online broker improves on their services. We’ll cover the updates for you. There is no single winner in the financial industry, there no standalone winners in the brokerage industry as well.

We will make our assessments on broader categories that are user-intensive.

Our reviews on online brokers

In addition to providing you with robust comparison tools, we’ll share our insights about brokers. We’ll continuously provide you with our comprehensive broker reviews. Our objective with reviews will be to provide you an unbiased and fair viewpoint about each broker. Every online broker offers certain pros and cons. Analyst often cares for their affiliate commission that lead to misinformation for their followers. We will aim to review each broker in a transparent manner.

Make Informed Decisions

We do not examine and analyze brokers on their affiliate commission rates. Our vision is to provide the best available information to our followers. We want you to make the most out of our analytics and make informed decisions.

Our financial industry experts utilize their years of industry experience in conjunction with the most sophisticated tools. We put days and weeks of efforts to analyze a single broker. That is to empower you with a wealth of knowledge.

We do not put you in the flattering world of daydreamers. Trading carries huge risks, it always has been a risky venture. We want you to make a better and informed decision before choosing any online broker.

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