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How can we help you?

Trading and investment require in-depth analyses and robust tools to make timely decisions. We have created this platform which compares the best features and products on offer from top online brokers in the world for you.

Each broker offers a wide array of investment options. But not every option fits the investor’s required returns. It’s hard to match the diverse pool of investment options along with products offered by online brokers. That’s where you’ll find the Brokers-finder engine as the guiding torch for your investment decisions.

Some traders are novice, looking for regular passive income, others are pros. Both beginners and Experts in trading require different tools and information. We will aim to provide useful information for both types of investors. We seek a blended mix of simplicity and expertise in trading information.

With our online comparison tools, comprehensive research on online brokers, the products on offer, and industry insights, you’ll be empowered to make the right choices.

How do we do it?

We choose the best online brokers from the industry. Our experts analyze each broker's products using their market expertise and analysis guidelines. We present the chosen broker after a thoughtful process against our set parameters.

We analyze all online brokers against our prioritized test points. Our top test points include:

  • Broker Regulation and Security
  • Broker Fees and Commission Structure
  • Markets and Products on offer
  • Education on offer from the Broker
  • Market Research tools on offer
  • Trading Platforms – Built-in and Third-party partners
  • Payment and Withdrawal options
  • Customer Services and Support

Then, we review each broker on the above broader parameters. Our ratings and selection are based on our hands-on experience with each online broker. For example, we aim to analyze online brokers who are registered with at least one top tier regulatory authority in the country of origin.

Why trusting us?

We have made it our mission to simplify the investment decisions for our followers. We don’t want you to feel the agony of making unapprised and misled investment decisions. Our prime objective is to provide useful investment information to you.

We have a comprehensive financial service industry experience of over 40 years. We have skills and expertise in finance and marketing. Now, we have combined the powers of both skills to provide a clear understanding of the market offers. Thus, we present this modern online comparison tool to you which will ensure you to choose the right online broker.

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